Spousal Support

The Hemet Law Firm of Bloom & Rudibaugh has been representing Spousal Support and Family Law clients for over 30 years. If you are currently engaged in a family law dispute involving spousal support, contact Bloom & Rudibaugh at (951) 652-1400 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Spousal Support Attorney.

Under California law, spousal support determinations are made by the Family Law Court based upon numerous factors, including:

· The duration (length) of the marriage
· The health of the parties
· The ages of the parties
· Each individual’s level of education
· Each individual’s earning ability
· The ability of the supporting spouse to pay
· The lifestyle to which the parties as a couple have become accustomed
· The extent that one spouse contributed to the education of the other spouse

If the couple was married for a brief period of time, the Family Law Court may require the obligated party to pay spousal support for a period of time not to exceed the duration of the marriage. For long term marriages, the obligated party may be ordered to pay spousal support until the other party remarries or dies. If the court finds that one party is deliberately underemployed, they may impute income to either party based upon earning ability. In these situations, it is crucial that you have a skilled attorney fighting aggressively to protect your rights!

If you have a question about spousal support, including whether you qualify for a post judgment modification of spousal support, schedule a consultation with an experienced Family Law Lawyer at Bloom & Rudibaugh. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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