Creditor Harassment

If you have fallen behind on your bills and are being harassed by creditors on a daily basis – receiving threatening letters and harassing telephone calls at home or your workplace, Creditor Harassment Attorneys at the Hemet Law Firm of Bloom & Rudibaugh are here to help you.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, creditors are legally prohibited from engaging in any sort of harassing, oppressive or abusive conduct. This includes repeatedly calling after they’ve been told to stop, talking about your debts with any other individual, calling numerous times to simply make your telephone ring, and threatening to file criminal charges against you.

If you are being harassed by creditors, contact the Creditor Harassment & Bankruptcy Lawyers at Bloom & Rudibaugh. Our experienced bankruptcy and harassment lawyers can put an end to those phone calls and the stress that they cause, either by working to negotiate a settlement or by helping you file for Personal Bankruptcy Protection.

Bankruptcy laws state that as soon as you file for bankruptcy protection, all collection attempts by your creditors must immediately cease and desist. Your creditors can be penalized if they continue to contact you after they have been informed about your bankruptcy filing.

Don’t continue to live in fear of the phone and the mail! Let us help you. We have over 34 years’ experience helping people take their lives back from debt collectors!

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